Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is the top of the range photo capturing device.

With a huge interactive touch screen, the guests can navigate their way through the custom animations, capturing pictures with a High Definition SLR camera, to then have them overlaid onto a custom, personalised Overlay.

The end shot can then be printed, Emailed, Text or even sent direct to your favourite social media platform.

Pylon Selfie Pod

The Pylon Selfie Pod is the state of the art, ultimate must have at any event.

Taking far less space than a traditional photo booth, and delivering a much more interactive, fun and personalised photo opportunity, the Selfie pod is really the stand out Photo Capture device.

Standing at 5ft tall, the guests will be able to interact with the software, creating a fun unforgettable series of customisable animations, that will deliver a HD quality photo opportunity which can be printed, Emailed or text to your mobile device.

We can also setup the Selfie Pod to send direct to your Insta Profile for the added extra touch.

Aura Selfie Pod

The Aura Selfie pod is the state of the art, Interactive stand alone selfie pod ideal for any event.

With options to set up to Email and Text your guests their images, or send directly to any Instagram of Facebook account it truly is the ultimate party piece.